The smart project steering assistant
SteerIO is an online solution to engage project teams, monitor project health, and make smarter steering decisions.
Let's engage your people and achieve better results!
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Unlock your project's full potential

We believe that combining people centricity with the use of management best-practices and Artificial Intelligence will unlock every project's full potential

Deliver outstanding project results

Achieve project objectives and generate meaningful value: deliver outcomes with high quality, on-time and within budget

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Create a great project experience

Engage your team through a compelling purpose: develop sense of ownership, positive collaboration and feedback culture

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Bring your organisation to the next level

Leave a long-lasting mark: develop people skills and anchor your project work within the broader organisation

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The real costs of failed projects

Delivering projects is both an art and a discipline, a significant amount of money is invested in projects that will fail to deliver results, generate cost overruns or are delayed due to poor execution. We have the solution to change that.

Cost overruns

70% of projects are likely to generate cost overruns and be above budget

Poor execution

50% of IT projects's overruns are due to poor execution and missing focus

Failed transformation

66% of business transformations and change initiatives fail

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