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Feedback loops and actionable solutions for better teamwork

Steerio combines continuous feedback loops, analytics and collective intelligence to make teamwork better.
Take the pulse in 3 minutes and focus on what matters!

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Work better with your team. Teams that are using Steerio generate better outcomes and have superior work experience. Let's move ountains together!

Leverage collective intelligence for better teamwork

Bring effective new habits within the team. Taking 3 minutes to provide feedbacks about current teamwork can generate tremendous value for all.
Take the pulse
Focus on what matters
Grow as a team
The right questions give the right answers: understand team dynamics, master success factors and generate collective insights in only 3 minutes.
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Because each team is unique, Steerio helps you to unlock the human potential through a tailored approach

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Why choose Steerio

Steerio is a team-centered platform designed for simplicity, smartness, safety and empowerment


Steerio is fast and easy to use for everyone. The responsive interface enables a seamless experience on desktop and on mobile.
  • Get started and onboard your team in less than 5 minutes with our preconfigured app
  • Navigate intuitively between interfaces. Access the relevant team insight quickly
  • Gain time and let Steerio do the heavy lifting with a flexible feedback turnkey solution
  • Understand team situation within seconds with our visuals dashboards


Steerio combines the best of technology, data-science and management best-practices to help teams making work better.
  • Leverage our algorithms to conduct automated 360° diagnostic with 100+ questions
  • Let the team keep the overview with a summary of key takeaways in your inbox
  • Focus on what matters with AI-triggered analyses and recommendations
  • Benefit form Steerio's collective intelligence with benchmarks and best-practices


Steerio creates a trusted environement. By enforcing anonymity and security, we support team performance and experience.
  • Nurture trust and engage with the team through anonymized feedback loops
  • Create a safe zone for the team to grow and develop a solution-oriented culture
  • Protect your most valuable asset, your team, with a secure SaaS platform
  • Enforce individual privacy. We comply with GDPR standards and are hosted in the EU


Steerio promotes collective intelligence. Sharing feedback and finding actionable solutions together benefits teams and individuals.
  • Develop self-awareness: every team member can access team and her/his personal results
  • Grow your team with individual coaching and personalized analyses
  • Crowdsource ideas and solutions from your team and from Steerio's community
  • Empower your team with collective decision-making and promote ownership

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