Steerio | Combining team insights with analytics

A feedback platform for augmented teams

Combining human-centricity with analytics to grow your team

Easily spot the strenghts and weaknesses of your team. Prioritize what to act on and generate impact.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Easily spot where your team is doing great at and what can be improved.
Keep teh big picture with the Steerio heatmap. Identify which work group need some help and maximize stakeholder alignment.

Segment Heatmap

Always keep the big picture.
Segment your population and identify where to focus your efforts.
Gather insightful feedback from your team. Establish a strong feedback culture and find solution as a team.

Team Feedback

Open the dialogue.
Use feedback to get detailed insights about team performance and work experience.
Leverage team collective intelligenecc. Use the power of the crowd to identify your next best action. Involve and empower your team in the decision-making process.

Collective Decision-Making

Engage with the team.
Leverage collective intelligence to decide what is the next best action.
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360° monitoring of team success factors

Based on best practices, years of teamwork experience and data science

Vision & Strategy

E.g. The team objectives are clear and coherent.

Approach & Processes

E.g. The team works in a well-structured and focused way to deliver on objectives.


E.g. The team is able to make effective and timely decisions.

Resources & Capabilities

E.g. The team has the required skills and capabilities to generate good results.

Results Delivery & Impact

E.g. Potential bottlenecks to reach our next objective are clearly noticed.

Alignment & Communication

E.g. Team efforts are coordinated with the rest of the organisation.

Culture & Innovation

E.g. I feel safe to take risks, try new things and speak up within the team.

Recognition & Growth

E.g. I feel recognised and can further grow in my job.

Purpose & Sense of Ownership

E.g. I find a purpose in my day-to-day work and feel empowered.

Well-Being & Control

E.g. I feel in control and confident to realise my objectives.

Use cases

Because each team is unique, Steerio helps you to unlock the human potential through a tailored approach