Team Engagement

Team motivation accounts for 40% of project success

Harvard Business Review

From good to great: it's time to bring team engagement to the next level

People who believe their job has meaning and a broader purpose are more likely to work harder, take on challenging or unpopular tasks, and collaborate effectively. Research repeatedly shows that people deliver their best effort and ideas when they are engaged.

How to continuously engage and empower your team so that they give their best every day?
How to create a positive culture and top-notch employee experience?
How to efficiently involve your team in day-to-day decisions?


Develop collective awareness in your team, encourage continuous dialog and welcome every sound opinion


Discover what drives team experience and leverage collective intelligence to continuously improve your ways of working


Empower every team member and help them to grow through AI-based micro-coaching

After 4 weeks, 100% of teams that are using Steerio declare feeling more engaged and empowered to generate a stronger impact on teamwork

Those topics are familiar to you? Then, it might be the right time to start using Steerio:

You are tired about yearly engagement surveys and want to identify concrete actions to improve employee experience on a regular basis
You want to empower your teams and help them to grow in their roles
You are looking for a people-centric solution to boost your organisational performance
You believe that continuous feedback loops are a powerful driver of team engagement and performance

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Because each team is unique, Steerio helps you to unlock the human potential through a tailored approach

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