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Most newly promoted managers perform poorly in their first 6 months in the role

Harvard Business Review

Keep your 'rookie mindset' and accelerate together with your team

New managers often make two major mistakes: first, they keep doing what got them promoted: getting stuff done; second, they try too hard to behave like leaders and to become heroes. Instead, they should embrace their 'rookie' status, enable others to get work done and learn from their teams.

How to engage and motivate your team?
How to implement effective feedback loops to boost dialogue and team performance?
How to set the right priorities for your team?


Develop your own leadership style and drive team performance according to proven best practices


Nurture an inclusive culture within your team and encourage people to bring new ideas


Gather feedback on a regular basis and leverage collective intelligence to make the right decisions for the team

New managers' teams that are using Steerio are on average 30% more productive and 50% more engaged

Those topics are familiar to you? Then, it might be the right time to start using Steerio:

You would like to involve your team and develop a strong cooperation culture
You are looking for the right information to make the right decisions
You aspire to master the key ingredients of successful teamwork
You want to have productive meetings and getting more done

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Because each team is unique, Steerio helps you to unlock the human potential through a tailored approach

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