Steerio | Combining team insights with analytics

A simple tool to make the difference

Steerio combines collective intelligence, best-practices and data to boost team capabilites

Weekly project health check surveys

Automated health check surveys

On a regular basis, teams provide feedback about critical success factors

All it cost is 3mn of their time to answer a short serie of targeted questions. It's totally anonymous

Our question framework has been developed with experts from leading consulting companies and backed by scientists

Insightful project reports, analytics and benchmarks to take better decisions

Reports and benchmarks

Survey data is sorted according to 3 key success factors (Drive, Value and People) measuring how the team is doing

Analytics are simple, easy to read and full of insights about ongoing teamwork

Historical data, consensus and benchmarks enables you to track trends and spot weak signals proactively

Leverage smart advices and curated content to imporve your project capabilites

Smart advices and curated content

Benefit from timely and context-based advices to improve teamwork and the way the team is working together

Access to relevant content and publications to broaden your horizon and sharpen innovative ideas

Create your own questions with the custom poll function and gather specific feedback

Custom polls

Create your own questions specific to your team and integrate them to your health check

Trigger discussions and validate decisions by asking team's feedback on recent or upcoming initiatives

Gather lessons learned and document all important project events in your timeline with Steerio

Timeline and lessons learned

Major team events, reports and notifications are automatically recorded in your timeline

History is built on the go and facilitates engagement reviews. Building knowledge and consolidating lessons learned has never been so easy

Bring teamwork to the next level

Get started with Steerio!

Our success factors

Steerio provides a 360° view in an automated and continous way


Direction of teamwork and steering
Inspiring leadership
Sound vision
Coherence between activities
Commitment of the leadership
Mobilization and sense of urgency
Decision-making effectiveness
Structured approach
Preparation of decisions
Ability to make decisions
Implementation of decisions


Value add for the organisation
Big picture
Customer and market awareness
Ability to leverage knowledge
Thinking out of the box
Keeping the long view
Impact generation
Value creation for the organisation
Ability to deliver the plan
Maximizing impact
Creating momentum


People dynamics and cooperation
Great team
Clear accountability
Balanced team
Team motivation
Integration and development
Collaborative organisation
Stakeholder alignment
Effective communication
Working standards
Fluidity of interactions

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