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Leveraging collective intelligence for project excellence

Based on the belief that project management needed a brush-up for the digital age, we developed a SaaS solution to gather your team's feedbacks, enhance engagement, monitor project health and provide actionable recommendations
SteerIO Application v0.1 Smartphone Preview
SteerIO Application v0.1 Mac Preview
SteerIO Application v0.1 Smartphone Preview

A powerful solution leveraging collective intelligence

Set up your project health check in less than 5 minutes and start gathering teams' feedbacks, monitor project health and improve your decision-making capabilities to deliver better project outcomes
Project health cycle
Health check survey

Use our metrics and questionnaire methodology to get your survey started and give your team a voice

Project health analytics

Gather team feedbacks and monitor project health to identify what should be improved

Health recommendations

Get AI-based recommendations to guide you in identifying your next-best-action

Analytics at the service of project excellence

SteerIO augments teams and organisations through AI-powered project intelligence and tailored recommendations
Augment project experience

Collective insights generation

Empower your team through a data-driven feedback culture, leveraging collective intelligence to improve project steering

Unveil weak signals with analytics

360° project health monitoring

Track your project health on a continuous basis and across multiple dimensions to minimize project execution risk

Crowdsource project excellence

AI-powered project capabilities

Leverage AI-powered project insights to augment your decision-making skills and secure great project outcomes

A methodology inspired by leading management firms

We developed an intelligent framework dedicated to monitor project health and assess your odds of success

Is the project going in the right direction?


Is the project generating value for the organisation?


Is project collaboration efficient and are the teams engaged?

SteerIO helps you to uncover the true performance drivers of your project and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses

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