Remote Work

Virtual teams may experience higher levels of individual contribution and diverse thinking but only 20% are properly structured


Lead virtual teams, not remote teams

A growing number of teams are working remotely with various profiles and aspiration. Being able to sync and steer virtual teams efficiently becomes a critical success factor for managers.

How to structure remote work and steer virtual teams efficiently?
How to engage and create strong relationships among remote team workers?
How to master the communication flow in order to get your virtual team aligned and on speed?


Structure efficient communication loops within your teams by encouraging feedback- and idea-sharing


Strengthen relationships between peers and engage in productive discussions during virtual meetings


Make decisions based on crowdsourced team suggestions and get your everyone's buy-in

After 8 weeks, 100% of virtual teams that are using Steerio observe a significant improvement in communication flows and declare being organised to perform at their best

The following situations sound familiar to you? It's time to try Steerio!

You want to develop team awareness within a remotely organised group
You would like to steer virtual teams with the same effectiveness than if you were all in the same place
You want to avoid misunderstandings and get everyone 100% aligned towards objectives
You want to stimulate discussions and accelerate decision making within a remote group

What our customers say about Steerio

" Steerio allows each team member to express themselves freely. You follow your project on a different angle, but more importantly, it allows to open some new discussions."

Sophie Vaxelaire
Senior Consultant at BearingPoint - People & Strategy

" Steerio is a strong value add: team meetings based on Steerio data allow us to demystify misunderstandings and improve communication."

Project manager BearingPoint testimoial
Hermann Mulatu
Manager at BearingPoint - Finance & Transformation

Use cases

Because each team is unique, Steerio helps you to unlock the human potential through a tailored approach