Transformation Programs

70% of transformation programs fail to achieve the targeted impact


Make your transformation program succeed: generate momentum and sustain long-term change

Business transformation journeys require an integrated approach that continuously aligns strategy, execution and people. Launching, sustaining and scaling team efforts is critical to lead organisational change or deploy new IT technologies successfully.

How to make sure that everyone is sharing the vision and is ready to change?
How to continuously steer multiple initiatives and align project teams?
How to foster efficient dialog and cooperation between stakeholders?


Set up a strong cooperative culture from day one and empower your teams to lead the change


Adapt priorities dynamically based on team feedback and measure your impact over the long run


Keep the big picture by monitoring how workstreams are doing and maintain momentum

Transformation programs that are using Steerio are 2 times more likely to deliver their objectives

Those topics are familiar to you? Then, it might be the right time to start using Steerio:

You would like to know what do your teams really think about ongoing initiatives
You want to engage key stakeholders and create positive momentum to generate change
You need to keep the big picture while leading multiple initiatives in parallel
You continuously look for setting the right priorities and fostering agility within your teams

Use cases

Because each team is unique, Steerio helps you to unlock the human potential through a tailored approach

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