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SteerIO helps teams to generate superior value from their project and support organisations in their transformation journey

80% of business transformations and major change initiatives currently fail

We augment project experience to support transformations

50% of projects' costs overruns and delays are due to poor execution

We leverage weak signals to maximize project success

69% of leaders are struggling to build data-driven and learning organisations

We accelerate organisations' learning curve with insights

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What clients are saying about SteerIO

Grasp a taste of how you can implement a human-centric and data-driven solution to deliver better project outcomes
"The solution is a key element supporting our upcoming transformation program in order to engage teams and monitor the success of the initiative"
CFO of an international medium-sized company
"Our firm is committed to bringing best-in-class technologies to ensure our client's success and be a pioneer in augmented consulting. SteerIO is definitely a solution that augments project delivery."
Managing director of a large consultancy
"What I like about SteerIO is the strong project methodology framework that lies behind the application, enabling to effectively monitor project status and mitigate risks in advance, like leading consultancies are doing."
Transformation lead at an international French-listed company
"This is a very pragmatic approach to analytics and AI which with no doubt will deliver strong results for organisations both in the short- and long-term."
AI expert at a leading energy provider
"Project teams are thrilled to roll-out SteerIO's health check technology. It augments our consulting tool-kit and improves the way we work with our clients"
Manager at a tier-one consulting firm
"SteerIO is opening a new era in management consulting by providing project excellence at scale. By securing project's Return On Investment you are generating a tremendous value for your clients."
Head of strategy at a world leading industrial company

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